What do Sagittarius do when they have a crush? Discover their surprising moves!

Sagittarius folks are fireballs of adventure and excitement, and this energy carries over to their love life. When a Sagittarius catches feelings, they’ll either announce it to the world or keep things under wraps and privately communicate with their crush. Here are a few juicy hints as to what to expect when this fiery sign is crushing:

  • They love the thrill of the chase – too-easy conquests are a turnoff.
  • They value their freedom and independence even when partnered up, so don’t expect them to commit quickly.
  • They’re hilarious and will do anything to make their crush laugh, as giving joy is top priority.
  • They’re candid and honest, so if they disclose their feelings, they’ll tell it as it is.
  • They crave new adventures and experiences, so they’ll plan the coolest dates to impress their love.
  • If you enter into a relationship with a Sagittarius, prepare for a wild and wonderful ride, because they go after their desires with vigor and passion.

    What Do Sagittarius Do When They Have A Crush?

    When it comes to matters of the heart, Sagittarius is known for their adventurous and free-spirited nature. As a Sagittarius myself, I can attest to the fact that our approach to love and relationships is anything but ordinary. Here’s a closer look at what Sagittarius do when they have a crush and how they navigate the ups and downs of love.

    Their love is adventurous

    For Sagittarius, love is an adventure. We are attracted to the thrill of the chase, and anything that comes too easily can quickly become boring. When we have a crush, we approach it with the same sense of adventure and excitement. We may be more likely to take risks or try new things in the pursuit of our crush, whether that’s trying a new hobby they enjoy or taking a spontaneous trip with them.

    Key Point: Sagittarius approaches love as an adventure and values excitement and thrill in their romantic pursuits.

    Sagittarius value their freedom

    As a fire sign, Sagittarius is known for our independent nature. We highly value our freedom and can become restless when we feel like we’re tied down. As such, when we have a crush, we may be hesitant to jump into a committed relationship right off the bat. We need to feel like we can maintain our independence and pursue our own interests while still exploring our feelings for our crush.

    Key Point: Sagittarius values independence and may need to work through their fear of feeling trapped or tied down in a committed relationship.

    They can be straightforward in expressing their feelings

    When Sagittarius has a crush, we may choose to be straightforward in expressing our feelings. We appreciate honesty and directness and may not see the point in playing games or beating around the bush. This can either come across as refreshing to our crush or intimidating, depending on their personality and communication style.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may prefer to express their feelings directly, which can be read as refreshing or intimidating by their crush.

    They enjoy intellectual conversations

    Sagittarius is known for our love of knowledge and desire for intellectual stimulation. When we have a crush, we may enjoy engaging in deep and meaningful conversations with them. We appreciate partners who can challenge us mentally and can hold their own in discussions and debates.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may seek intellectual stimulation and enjoy engaging in deep conversations with their crush.

    They might become distant if rejected

    Although Sagittarius can be straightforward in expressing their feelings, rejection can be difficult for us to handle. We may become distant or withdraw if we feel like our feelings are not reciprocated. This is not to say that we hold a grudge or become resentful, but rather that we need time to process our emotions and move on from the rejection.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may become distant if rejected as a way to process their emotions and move on.

    They seek challenges in their romantic life

    Sagittarius enjoys a challenge, and this applies to our romantic life as well. We may seek out partners who are different from us or who challenge us to grow and learn. We do not shy away from difficult circumstances and may actually thrive in uncertain or unpredictable situations.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may look for partners who challenge them and thrive in unpredictable situations.

    They prefer to keep it low-key at first

    When we have a crush, Sagittarius may prefer to keep things low-key at first. We may not want to make a big show of our feelings or put too much pressure on the other person. We appreciate taking things slow and getting to know our crush gradually before diving into a committed relationship.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may approach love with a slow and steady mindset, preferring to keep things low-key at first.

    They are open to exploring different types of relationships

    Lastly, Sagittarius is known for our open-mindedness and a willingness to explore different types of relationships. We are not limited by traditional ideas of love and partnership and may be open to exploring non-monogamous or unconventional relationships. We value being true to ourselves and our desires, even if they don’t fit into societal norms.

    Key Point: Sagittarius may be open to exploring non-traditional types of relationships and value being true to themselves.

    In conclusion, when Sagittarius has a crush, we approach it with our signature adventurous and free-spirited nature. We value our independence and seek partners who challenge us intellectually and emotionally. Although rejection can be difficult for us to handle, we are not afraid of facing challenges and may be open to exploring non-traditional types of relationships.