Why Are Cancers So Stubborn? The Science Behind Cancer’s Resistance to Treatments.

Cancers, the emotional water sign of the zodiac, are known for their nurturing and compassionate nature. However, their occasional stubbornness can be frustrating to deal with. Here’s why cancers can be so stubborn:

  • Cancers are traditionalists – they value their family and home more than anything else and changes can disrupt their sense of security, leading to obstinacy when their comfort is threatened.
  • Cancers are sensitive – their watery nature means they’re in tune with their emotions and they tend to hold onto anger or hurt for a long time, making them stubborn in letting things go.
  • Cancers protect themselves – they’re fiercely loyal to loved ones and won’t back down easily when they feel threatened, making them unyielding in their defense.
  • In conclusion, Cancers’ stubbornness comes from a place of caring deeply. To get through to them, approach with patience and empathy, understanding that their traditional values, sensitivity, and protectiveness make them who they are.

    Why are cancers so stubborn?

    Astrology enthusiasts and believers would describe people born under the Cancer zodiac sign as nurturing, emotional, and compassionate. However, they can also be quite stubborn, and this trait is often more pronounced in them compared to other signs. In this article, we explore the reasons behind the occasional stubbornness of Cancer.

    A Traditionalist at Heart

    Cancer, as a water sign, is sensitive and can be easily affected by the environment around them. They seek security and stability, and so they may hold tight to the traditions they have grown up with or that have worked for them in the past. While this could be seen as a positive trait, it can also lead to an inflexibility to try new things, even when they may be more beneficial.

    Key Point: Cancer’s preference for traditional ways and stability sometimes make them resistant to change, even when change may be beneficial.

    Averse to Change

    Cancer is known to be averse to change, in general. Like the crustacean that represents them, they may retreat into their shell when confronted with the unfamiliar. They derive comfort from familiarity and structure, and so any sudden changes to their routine may cause them discomfort or even fear. This resistance to change could come across as stubbornness, especially when it impedes their personal growth or development.

    Key Point: A cancer’s aversion to change could sometimes hinder their personal growth and be seen as obstinacy.

    Quick to Take Offense

    Cancer’s sensitivity can also make them quick to take offense at perceived slights or injustices. They may react strongly to comments or actions that they feel are critical or hurtful. This characteristic can lead to stubbornness when they refuse to let go of grudges or forgive those who they believe have wronged them.

    Key Point: Cancer’s sensitivity can make them hold onto grudges and be reluctant to forgive, which can lead to stubbornness.

    Sensitivity Breeds Stubbornness

    Cancer’s sensitivity can also breed stubbornness in them. When exposed to criticism or rejection, they may dig their heels in deeper as a way to protect themselves. They may hold onto their beliefs firmly, even when presented with evidence to the contrary. Their sensitivity to criticism may make them resist change or feedback, which could be beneficial to them in the long run.

    Key Point: Cancer’s tendency to be sensitive may make them resistant to feedback or change.

    Holding Onto Grudges

    Due to their sensitive nature, cancer can hold onto grudges festering in their minds, causing bitterness and unreasonable actions. The stubbornness showcased here is not to forgive nor move past a hurtful event. The combination of their sensitivity, emotional nature, and strong memory makes them harbor resentment for extended periods, leading to unfavorable relationships or situations.

    Key Point: Cancers sometimes hold onto grudges for prolonged periods, leading to unfavorable relationships, and other situations.

    Inflexible in Beliefs

    Cancerians strongly hold on to their beliefs in areas they are passionate about. Cancer’s stubbornness is driven by their unwavering adherence to their values, morals, and beliefs. Nearly unshakeable, Cancerians can put on a fierce face against consideration of opposing views or changes to their stance.

    Key Point: Cancer’s devotion to their beliefs could be tenacious, and it may lead to resistance to other views.

    Reluctance to Compromise

    Lastly, when it comes to compromising, Cancerians may not be open to it. This trait is related to their unwavering beliefs in areas of importance, making compromising or negotiating difficult. It is challenging to pry a perspective shift or change out of rebellious Cancers.

    Key Point: Cancer’s reluctance to compromise or negotiate could be a result of their firm beliefs or values.


    Cancerians are lively, sensitive, and compassionate. Still, occasionally, they reveal a stubborn side that many people struggle to understand better. For some, astrology may offer an explanation, but regardless of the reasoning behind it, their stubbornness could sometimes be a hindrance to their personal growth, relationships or limit their potential success. Recognition of this fact is the first step to overcoming it.