Why Do Aries Always Push People Away? Unraveling the Mystery

Aries: thrill-seekers, fighters, freedom-lovers, truth-seekers, and high achievers. Here’s why they may push people away:

  • Craving excitement: Aries individuals lose interest in anything that lacks excitement or has become too predictable.
  • Starting fights: With their fiery and passionate nature, Aries may provoke a fight to add spark or check how their partner handles their intense emotions.
  • Feeling trapped: Aries love their independence and push partners away if they feel confined in a relationship.
  • Valuing honesty: Aries appreciate straightforwardness and truthfulness. If they feel something’s fishy, they may push their partner away.
  • Having high standards: Aries set high expectations and aren’t shy about voicing their thoughts. They may push people who don’t meet their standards.
  • Accepting and understanding Aries can help get a fulfilling relationship with them.

    The fiery nature of Aries

    As an Aries myself, I know firsthand how it feels to have a fire burning inside you. This fire can be both a blessing and a curse, and it often works in tandem with our impulsive nature. Aries are known for their passionate and confident personalities, which can make us great leaders and motivators. However, our intensity can also come across as brash or domineering, which can be off-putting to others. This fiery nature can also lead to problems in romantic relationships as we struggle to balance our desire for independence with the need for emotional connection.

    The need for excitement and adventure

    Aries are known for their love of adventure and excitement. We thrive on new challenges and experiences and can quickly become bored with routine. This need for constant stimulation can make it difficult for us to settle down in long-term relationships. We often crave the thrill of the chase and enjoy pursuing partners who challenge us mentally and physically. However, once we feel like we have conquered a person or situation, we are quick to move on to the next challenge.

    Some examples of Aries’ need for excitement could include:

    • Traveling to new and exotic destinations
    • Trying new and thrilling activities, such as skydiving or bungee jumping
    • Experiencing different cultures and cuisines

    The tendency to start fights

    Aries can be incredibly argumentative and confrontational. We are ruled by Mars, the planet of war, which can make us quick to anger and even quicker to defend ourselves. This tendency to start fights can be especially problematic in romantic relationships, as our partners may perceive our behavior as aggressive or threatening.

    Some reasons why Aries may start fights include:

    • Feeling challenged or threatened in some way
    • Wanting to assert our dominance or prove a point
    • Feeling as though we are not being heard or understood

    Difficulty with long-term commitment

    Aries can struggle with the idea of settling down in long-term relationships. We thrive on our independence and can struggle with the idea of giving that up for someone else. This difficulty with commitment can lead to us pushing people away who we feel are trying to tie us down. While we crave emotional connection, we also need the freedom to explore and pursue our own interests.

    How Aries handle boredom in relationships

    Aries can become easily bored in relationships, especially if things start to feel routine or predictable. This boredom can manifest itself in a few different ways, including restlessness, irritability, and even infidelity. We often struggle with finding the balance between our need for stability and our need for excitement.

    Ways Aries may try to ward off boredom in relationships include:

    • Suggesting new and exciting activities or hobbies to try together
    • Spending time apart to pursue individual interests
    • Looking for ways to inject spontaneity into everyday life

    Recklessness in decision-making

    Aries can be impulsive and prone to making rash decisions. Our desire for immediate gratification can sometimes override our better judgment, which can lead to problems in our personal and professional lives. This recklessness can also manifest itself in romantic relationships, as we may hop from partner to partner without fully considering the consequences of our actions.

    Fear of getting hurt or rejected

    Despite our fiery and confident exterior, Aries can have a deep-seated fear of getting hurt or rejected. This fear can sometimes manifest itself in the form of pushback against emotional vulnerability or a desire to keep partners at arm’s length. We may be hesitant to fully commit to a relationship out of fear that our partner will ultimately let us down.

    Managing relationships with Aries

    If you are in a relationship with an Aries, it’s important to understand and appreciate their need for independence and excitement. Recognize that their fiery personality can sometimes come across as aggressive or domineering, and try not to take it personally. Communication is key in any relationship, but it’s especially important when dealing with an Aries. Be open and honest about your feelings and try to avoid confrontational situations whenever possible. Finally, remember that Aries thrive on new challenges and experiences. If you can find ways to inject excitement and spontaneity into your relationship, you may be able to keep things fresh and engaging for both partners.