What Does a Scorpio Do When Heartbroken? Finding Healing Through Intense Self-Reflection

Watch out world, Scorpios take a no-nonsense approach to heartbreak. Breaking up and can’t move on? Here’s how Scorpios do it:

  • Eliminate the ex from their lives – the Scorpio way! Blocking them on social media, check. Deleting their number, check. Scorpios can’t deal with reminders.
  • Enforce a strict no-contact rule. If you’re an ex or former flame, don’t expect to hear from a Scorpio for at least three months. They need time to heal and process their emotions – on their own.
  • Self-care will become their new mantra. Scorpios are pretty intense, so they focus that energy inward with enough sleep, healthy eating and finding joy in activities and hobbies that they crave.
  • Lean on trusted friends and family. Scorpios pride themselves on independence but still need a solid support system during tough times like these. They’ll seek out loved ones and keep them close.
  • Reflect and grow. Scorpios introspect by nature, so they’ll take time to reflect on the what-ifs and whys – they want to know what went wrong and how they can grow from the experience.
  • In short, Scorpios face heartbreak head-on. They cut ties with abandon, put their own healing first, seek support, and learn from the whole experience. Watch out world, a Scorpio on the other side of heartbreak is a force to be reckoned with!

    Scorpios’ Unique Way of Dealing with Heartbreak

    As a Scorpio, I know firsthand how difficult heartbreak can be for us. We tend to love fiercely and deeply, and when that love is not reciprocated, it can be devastating. However, Scorpios have a unique way of dealing with heartbreak that not everyone may understand. Instead of wallowing in our emotions or seeking revenge on our ex, we choose to completely eliminate them from our lives. This may seem harsh or extreme to some, but for us, it is the only way to truly move on.

    The Importance of Cutting All Ties for Scorpios

    Cutting all ties with our ex may seem extreme, but for Scorpios, it is necessary for our emotional well-being. We are highly sensitive and intuitive individuals, and being reminded of our ex can trigger painful emotions that we cannot easily ignore. By cutting all ties, we are able to create a clean break and move on without the constant reminder of what we have lost.

    • No reminders: We delete all photos, messages, and other reminders of our ex from our phone and social media accounts. This helps us to avoid any potential triggers and move on with our lives.
    • No communication: We absolutely do not communicate with our ex, whether it’s through text, phone, or in-person. This can be difficult, but it helps us to truly detach and focus on our own healing.
    • Avoiding mutual friends: We also avoid mutual friends or social gatherings where we know our ex will be present. This helps us to avoid awkward encounters and focus on ourselves.

    No Contact Rule: A Scorpio’s Ultimate Solution

    The no contact rule is a popular method for getting over an ex, but for Scorpios, it is the ultimate solution. We take this rule very seriously, and for good reason. By completely cutting off all communication, we are able to fully focus on our own healing and growth. It also helps us to avoid any potential manipulation or mind games that our ex may try to play. Of course, this rule may not work for everyone, but for Scorpios, it is a necessary step in moving on.

    Scorpios and the Art of Moving On

    Moving on from a heartbreak is never easy, but Scorpios have a unique strength that helps us to do so. We are able to detach emotionally and focus on our own healing, even if it means cutting off someone we once loved. However, this does not mean that we do not experience pain or vulnerability. We simply choose to deal with it in our own way, and in our own time.

    How Scorpios Get Over Their Exes

    So, how exactly do Scorpios get over their exes? It’s a combination of the no contact rule and focusing on our own personal growth. We take the time to heal and work through our emotions, whether it’s through therapy, writing, or other forms of self-care. We also focus on our passions and hobbies, and overall, investing in ourselves. Inevitably, time is also a factor in getting over any heartbreak. But with the right mindset and approach, Scorpios are able to come out stronger on the other side.

    The Three-Month Detox for Scorpio Heartbreaks

    For Scorpios, the three-month mark is a significant milestone in our healing process. Once we have cut off all ties with our ex, we focus on a three-month detox period. During this time, we fully invest in ourselves and our personal growth. This may include self-reflection sessions, exploring new hobbies or interests, or spending quality time with loved ones. The three-month detox is a period of personal growth and healing, and it helps Scorpios to truly move on from their heartbreak.

    In conclusion, Scorpios have a unique way of dealing with heartbreak that may not be understood by everyone. However, cutting off all ties with an ex is a necessary step for our emotional well-being and growth. With the no contact rule and a focus on personal growth, Scorpios are able to move on and come out stronger on the other side.